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So, how do you get a patch and why are we giving them away?

Here's the deal: The next edition of Scout Camps USA will include selected non-BSA camping destinations (we've got that pretty well covered). Our goal is not to recreate the already excellent where-to-go camping guides that are widely available for regional camping and typically list very nearly every possible campsite in the region; instead, we wish to provide a short list of spectacular weekend destinations that may or may not be well known.

For instance, visitors to our table at the Outdoor Adventure Expo at NOAC told us about some super cool campsites in their areas, including spots that give Scouts the chance to sleep in some unusual places: the nose cones of C130s, caves, submarines, and decommissioned battleships. Visitors also told us about private campgrounds, state parks, national forests, city parks, and the like. What all these spots had in common was that the boys loved them and wanted to go back year after year after year - even if the Scoutmasters and ASMs were just sick of the place (even the best place can grow stale after 20 visits!).

The Scout's Choice submission form is at the bottom of this page; short instructions/explanations follow.

We'd like you to be specific in naming your spot. We're sure, for example, that camping near the Grand Canyon is a wonderful experience, but we'd like you to narrow it down a whole lot more than that! Give us the name of the spot and anything you know about it's location (city it's near, state it's in, stuff like that). We need enough to get started researching the spot on our own, but in most cases if you can give us a name, city, and state, we can track it down.

Also, we'll ask you what's so darned special about your favorite spot. Some spots will be pretty obvious (we think we understand the attraction to camping in caves), but some may require a lengthier answer. Feel free to go on and on a bit about the beauties of your favorite spot - that's what we like to hear.

In the book, we won't attribute the submission to you directly but, rather, to your Troop, Crew, Post, or Ship. Please indicate what kind of group you belong to, give us your unit number, and your unit's town and state.

At the end of the form, we'll ask for your name and address (so we can send your patch) and, optionally, for your email, phone, and fax information. We'll add you to our mailing list and occasionally you'll receive cool newsletters from us (snail mail) with updates on camp closures, camp openings, and other camping/Scout Camps USA news.

If you have any questions about the form, please contact editor@scoutcampsusa.com.

Scout's Choice Form
What is the NAME and LOCATION of your unit's all-time favorite weekend campsite:
(reminder: this site MUST be usable by units other than your own!)

What makes the boys want to return year after year? What makes this spot so special?

Credit this submission to:

Please choose either Troop, Crew, Post, Ship, or Pack:
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Unit number:
Unit's Town:
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