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Scout Camps USA is a fantastic fundraiser for your Lodge and compatible with the aims of the Order. If your Scout shop doesn't carry Scout Camps USA (national lease stores can't and some just won't), consider becoming the Council Distributor. Some Council shops have sold as many as 100 copies or more of the First Edition!!!

The Second Edition of Scout Camps USA includes short-term camping information on the original 400+ summer camps listed, plus information on 400+ brand-new, never before listed short-term only BSA camping locations, 150 Scout-friendly military bases, and 60 Cub World, Adventureland, Akelaworld-type Cub camping locations. New features include At-a-Glance charts to make camping opportunity comparisons easier, two-page full-color state maps with each property marked and located, and a special Boundary Waters Canoe Area advertorial section.

This summer while on Camp Tour 2001, we visited 27 different resident summer camps west of the Mississippi, and the Scouters we spoke to were wildly enthusiastic about being able to purchase a book of this type. For the most part, these Scouters were OA members, camping heavies, your brothers. Each time a Scouter inquired how to buy the book, we suggested that they first contact their Council Scout shop, then their OA Lodge, and, as a last resort, buy the book directly from us on the web site. We'd like to see a portion of each book's profit going directly back to the Scouting community.

The OA performs great service and does good work for each of its Councils' camps, and here's a way to raise funds to continue those good works.

Announcements in your OA and Council newsletters are the perfect way to stimulate sales of this unique one-of-a-kind guide book to BSA camps and camping. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how many copies your Scouting community will order. Your OA Lodge will also be listed on the where-to-buy page on this web site.

Liberal discounts and terms are available.

Contact Editor: Paul Fairbank
email: editor@scoutcampsusa.com
phone: 847.202.0541

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