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Guidelines for Contributors

Thank you for your interest in writing for Scout Camps USA, which is published biennially by Pfairco Publications, Ltd. Our slogan, "Discover the Scout Camping Network (tm)," describes in a nutshell the aim of the guide: we seek to inform Scouting volunteers and professionals, as well as older Scouts, about the tremendous number of quality camping and adventure opportunities that exist both within and outside the official Scouting community. The primary content of Scout Camps USA is the cross-referenced data describing (and the maps locating) over 800 short- and long-term BSA Council-owned camps. The third edition will widen its reach by emphasizing those BSA camps and destinations which are available to non-BSA groups. Additionally, in each edition of the guide, we include a variety of short, informative articles of interest to the volunteer leader of Boy and Girl Scout Troops, as well as other youth group leaders.

Types of Articles Published

Each edition of Scout Camps USA includes how-to articles focused on leadership skills and tools (750 to 1500 words). Additionally, each edition spotlights one or more destinations or activties with a 750- to 1500-word introductory article accompanied by five to ten tightly focused supporting articles (500-750 words), each exploring a single aspect of the spotlight topic. Finally, included in each edition are a handful of articles of general interest to both Scoutmasters and other youth group leaders (length varies according to topic).

"Camp Close-Ups" (tm) are written by staff writers.

Photographs are not used unless in conjunction with an assignment or solicited reprint.

Who Writes for Scout Camps USA?

The majority of articles are solicited or reprinted with permission from established writers who are expert in their field. We consider freelance query letters. Typically, our contributors are either long-time Scouting volunteers or professionals or have special knowledge of a related topic.

What Subjects will be Spotlighted in the Third Edition of Scout Camps USA?

Approximately half of our planned spotlight topics are closed to submissions; however, we are still accepting queries for the following:

  • Philmont (insider info for the first-timer)
  • The Adirondaks (essential facts for a once-in-a-lifetime experience)
  • Summer Camp Jobs (how to get the best one/how to make the most of the one you get)

We are seeking additional articles of general interest on outdoor destinations, activities, and gear. Examples from past editions include a reprinted article on the "Oldest Boy Scout Camps" and an "Introduction to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area."

We are seeking additional how-to articles. Examples from past editions include an article on "How to Choose a Summer Camp" and "Tips for the Story Teller."

Who Reads Scout Camps USA?

Knowing about our readers will help guide your style and topic choice. Most are busy mothers and fathers looking for information that increases enjoyment of their Scouting or other outdoor/youth group experiences, minimizes associated hassles, and confers the greatest benefit to the youth whom they serve. Our readers like concise, factual articles written in a lively voice. While skill and experience levels among our readers vary, there's not a wannabe in the crowd! Prospective contributors should keep in mind that our readers "know their stuff," or at least know someone who does.

Past print runs have been about 10,000 with a pass-along circulation of nearly 75,000. The guide is sold on the Internet, in Scout Shops, in book stores, at outfitters, and at selected Scouting events. Several thousand copies from each print run are set aside for free distribution to Scouting professionals at the Council and National level. The third edition will widen its focus to include destinations and activities of interest to groups such as Girl Scout Troops; accordingly, free distribution of the third edition will widen to include national leaders of other church and nonsecular youth group organizations.

Articles about and photographs from Scout Camps USA have appeared in national and international youth group association magazines.

Accuracy/Fact Checking

Our editorial staff verifies over 50 basic pieces of information on each of over 800 camps for each edition, leaving very little time for verifying the accuracy of information in feature articles. Contributors should provide the source and/or contact information for each quotation, fact, or figure.


Payment is in copies upon publication, short bios and credits accompanying each article, and "Author Spotlight" features on the Scout Camps USA website.


Mail queries to:

Pfairco Publications, Ltd.
Attn: Articles Editor
PO Box 818
Oriental, NC 28571

Please send samples of your published work and a short summary of your credentials and topic expertise with your query. Include a SASE, if your samples should be returned. We are not responsible for unsolicited artwork, photographs, and manuscripts. Allow 3-4 weeks for a reply, but, certainly, you should feel free to contact us if a more than a month goes by without a reply.

Note: Electronic queries with links to published articles are accepted at articles_editor@scoutcampsusa.com

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