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The Scout Camps USA
Camp Tour 2002 Trail

Camp Tour 2002 Northern Map     Camp Tour 2002 Southern Map
About Camp Tour 2002
The first Camp Tour (2000) came about as an afterthought. We were headed to Nova Scotia to beat the summer heat and decided, at the last minute, to stop at a dozen or so camps along the way from our home base in Chicago. Camp Tour 2001 took us west to Washington State, the long way, through Texas. Finally, we have finished (well, almost - just 3 camps left!) putting photos from 2001 up on the website.

Camp Tour 2002 split up the photo team, with Associate Editor Mitzi Ponce visiting coastal camps from Georgia north to Virginia. Along this route, we brought rain with us -- Mitzi spent a number of rain-soaked days touring coastal camps (she says "up to her ankles," but what's a little rain at a Scout Camp?). From island camps to river camps, the "Barefoot Sea Trek" offers you photos of the lovely Scout camps that dot the southeastern U.S. coast.

The other half of the team played ping pong ball with a warm-up trip north to Minnesota, returning through Wisconsin and Iowa. The fire towers found at these northern camps offered a challenge to the older Scouter, but the "north country" always affords terrific photo opportunities. The "Bear Track" photos are quite a treat.

A quick stop home to check mail and pay bills and we were headed southeast with stops in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina and Virginia. This leg of the summer tour took us to mostly mountain camps with some lowlanders thrown in for good measure. Reviewing our list of camps, we're surprised (but really shouldn't be) by the number of camps we toured in Virginia. Our only defense for overdoing Virginia so is that it's a beautiful state with friendly inhabitants and its Scout camps are equally beautiful and have equally friendly staff members. Be sure not to miss the "Mountain View" tour photos!

The Camp Tour series is a lot of fun for us. This summer's heat and rain provided some challenges and caused us to miss a few very popular mountain camps. We hope to catch them next summer, but we'll be working on the Third Edition of Scout Camps USA through most of summer 2003, and it's hard to know just where we'll be.

By itself or used as a companion to the book, we hope that the Camp Tour helps to satisfy your curiosity about some of the hundreds of summer camp opportunities available to your Scout Unit.

Hop on board and follow us to these Camp Tour 2002 locations:

    Northern Trip - "Bear Track"
    Follow the Auburn (Brown-Bear Color) Dots to:
  • Many Point Scout Camp / Park Rapids, MN (tour added 08/27/02)
  • Camp Wilderness / Park Rapids, MN (Coming Soon)
  • Tomahawk Scout Reservation / Birchwood, WI (Coming Soon)
  • Look What's New!Camp Decorah / Holmen, WI (tour added 09/27/02)
  • Howard H. Cherry Scout Reservation / Central City, IA (Coming Soon)
    Southern Trip - "Mountain View"
    Follow the Gold (Autumn-Leaf Color) Dots to:
  • Ransburg Scout Reservation / Bloomington, IN (Coming Soon)
  • Camp Friendlander / Loveland, OH (Coming Soon)
  • Cub Scout Adventure World / Loveland, OH (Coming Soon)
  • Look What's New!McKee Scout Reservation / Jeffersonville, KY (tour added 10/07/02)
  • Camp Daniel Boone / Canton, NC (Coming Soon)
  • Look What's New!Cub & Webelos Adventure Camp / Maidens, VA (tour added 09/08/02)
  • Look What's New!Camp T. Brady Saunders / Maidens, VA (tour added 09/08/02)
  • Blue Ridge Mountains Scout Reservation / Hawasee, VA (Coming Soon)
  • Look What's New!Goshen Scout Reservation / Goshen, VA (tour added 09/18/02)
  • Look What's New!Goshen Cub Camp / Goshen, VA (tour added 09/27/02)
  • Look What's New!Lenhok'sin High Adventure / Goshen, VA (tour added 09/18/02)
    Coastal Trip - "Barefoot Sea Trek"
    Follow the Green (Sea-Foam Color) Dots to:
  • Look What's New!Camp Tolochee / Brunswick, GA (tour added 09/08/02)
  • Look What's New!Camp Blue Heron / Riceboro, GA (tour added 09/17/02)
  • Camp Ho Non Wah / Wadmalaw Island, SC (Coming Soon)
  • Look What's New!Camp Bowers / White Oak, NC (tour added 09/08/02)
  • Look What's New!Bonner Scout Reservation / Blounts Creek, NC (tour added 10/02/02)
  • Look What's New!Pamlico Sea Base / Blounts Creek, NC (tour added 09/08/02)
  • Camp Lions / Spring Grove, VA (Coming Soon)
  • Look What's New!Camp Chickahominy / Lightfoot, VA (tour added 09/17/02)
  • Look What's New!C.H.A.S.E. / Kilmarnock, VA (tour added 09/17/02)


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